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Jimmy R. Jagtiani

Jimmy R. Jagtiani

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Jimmy R. Jagtiani

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  • Secretary General at Taekwondo Federation of India
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  • International School, Vietnam / Economic
    1972 - 1974
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  • Jimmy R. Jagtiani
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  • Jimmy R. Jagtiani
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  • Taekwondo Federation of India
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    Jimmy R. Jagtiani Grandmaster Jimmy R. Jagtiani, introduce Taekwondo in India in the year 1975, the Taekwondo Federation of India was formed in the year 1976. The Taekwondo Hall of Fame conferred upon Grandmaster as Father of Taekwondo in India in the year 2009. Portfolio: Grandmaster Jimmy R. Jagtiani Checkout This Great Link:
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    Jimmy R. Jagtiani Unregistered Office Bearers of TFI Mr. Harish Kumar on 14th July 2010 submitted documents alongwith the list of so-called Office Bearers 2010-2014 showing himself as President with others, amended the Original Constitution of TFI, Lucknow before the Registrar, Firms and Societies & Chits Funds, Lucknow has been rejected by the Competent Authorities on 26th Aug. 2010. The Registrar also declared the so-called list of Office Bearers submitted by Harish Kumar on 14th July 2010 claiming himself & others elected are "UN-REGISTERED".
    Apr 28 , 2012 10:25 am - Comment
    Jimmy R. Jagtiani I have join, can correspond through this site.
    Feb 07 , 2011 7:41 am - Comment
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