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  • Designer at Aftab Digital
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  • Assistant Designer at Tegma
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  • Hamilton High / IT
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  • Computer Programming
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    keith scott Many of us are familiar with annoying phrases like Higher education now is stability in the future...
    6 months ago Comment

    keith scott The system of education adopted in modern schools and universities leads...
    6 months ago Comment

    keith scott Education: The Power of Awakening to Beauty: Priority is often placed on schooling and values. At the expense of beauty, which is the soul of education. This is what Jean Caron, professor of philosophy...
    6 months ago Comment

    keith scott Higher Education as an important Stage in Formation of Personality...
    6 months ago Comment

    keith scott The 10-year plan reaches its halfway mark as developments in academics loom in the distance.
    6 months ago Comment

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    Anita Zamba Hello Dear,I Am Anita, its a pleasure to write you, hope we can be friends, please feel free to reply me so that i can some of my pictures for you to know me. I will be expecting your mail soon. thanks your friend, [email protected]
    Oct 23 , 2015 1:33 pm - Comment
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